Integrating Operational and Contractual Data for Financial & Commercial Purposes

Cost Groups


An important part of your total direct operating costs can be covered by our powerful all in one fuel management tool.

  • Eliminate your overspending
  • Get 100% accuracy and transparency on fuel utilization and cost
  • Benefit from flexible analysis and forecast of volume and spend
  • Streamline your fuel tender process
  • Run solid risk management and scenario simulations
  • Simplify and action EU ETS and CORSIA reporting

Airport Charges

No matter how complex your contracts, have all your station costs easily managed.

  • Contract Management Service: Outsource contract setup and rate updates for airport charges and passenger taxes
  • Ability to identify and understand every element, condition and rate of each of your airport operations
  • Pre-calculate expected airport charges and passenger taxes
  • Evaluate the effects of rebates & incentives
  • Apply real costs and get rid of inaccurate estimates caused by standard costs
  • Increase the level of detail

Ground Operations

Support and manage the supplier selection process and behavior with quick and easy cost simulations.

  • Pre-calculate expected ground handling charges
  • Track and check additional and irregular handling services like de-icing or GPU
  • Improve back office efficiency
  • Benchmark your suppliers to gain best terms

Catering & Inflight Sales

Works from no-frills to full service carriers with multi cost calculations and different methods.

  • Based on a Catering Instruction Manual (CIM) with predefined catering cost packages and sector statistics
  • Through an ordering system with imported consumption data per sector
  • By imported delivery notes, entered consumptions or respective closing stock quantities for returnable items
  • Stay flexible with last minute changes
  • Connect remote locations to keep information up to date

Crew Expenses

Closely monitor your crew hotac and transportation costs.

  • Make sure your service provider agreements match perfectly with your flight operations
  • Calculate costs for last minute operational changes like repositioning or unscheduled layovers
  • Simulate the cost impact of different scenarios such as changes to the route mix

Indirect Costs

The complete picture also includes indirect and fixed costs such as aircraft lease, depreciation, marketing, technical, engineering and staff expenses. It is vital to place these costs appropriately!

  • Allocate these costs to individual flights or routes
  • Use various distribution keys or multipliers like block hours, flight hours, number of flights, number of passengers, available seats


Only the combination of costs and revenues form the basis for an exact route profitability analysis.

  • Import from revenue management, reservation systems and Excel or alternatively maintain revenue parameters manually
  • Allocate revenues across routes and / or sectors according to your standards


Supplier Contract & Rate Management

Get full visibility of supplier contracts, current and historical. The contract management and maintenance in Airpas reflects the detailed structure of contracts for all direct operating cost (DOC) related services. Especially highly complicated charges and fees are easily controlled and centrally updated.

  • Contract Management Service: Outsource contract setup and rate updates for airport charges, passenger taxes and navigation charges
  • Understand, manage and renegotiate your contracts
  • Full analysis of your up-to-date database containing all supplier contracts and rate information
  • Ability to upload rates for en-route charges, fuel market prices and exchange rates
  • Improve transparency of liabilities, contract rates, costs and information with all data in one place
  • Utilize the most detailed cost calculations for invoice verification and reporting
  • Valuable for budget, forecasting and scenario calculations

Invoice Verification & Accruals Generation

With so many potential reasons for invoice discrepancies, e.g. duplicate invoices or positions, data entry errors, services not delivered, last minute adjustments, improper coding or missing documents, Airpas provides complete and systematic checking.

  • Avoid overspending
  • Pre-calculate the expected amounts for each single invoice
  • Airpas will match the results against invoice content
  • Simplify and highly automate the process by increasingly using electronic invoices
  • Benefit from industry standards and multiple customized EDI formats
  • Generate all your accruals instantly and accurately

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence reporting empowers you to make the right decisions.

  • Display critical data in comprehensive reports for cost control and financial planning
  • Drill down from different aggregated levels to detailed figures across routes, airports, aircraft, regions, suppliers or other self-defined criteria
  • Take advantage of company standard dashboards to navigate through predefined reports
  • Generate your own flexible ad-hoc analysis
  • Analyze and structure your big data to achieve full transparency
  • Satisfy the advanced reporting requirements of individual business units, airline groups or subsidiaries

Financial Planning

Better planning leads to greater success. Airpas will provide unlimited scenarios for budget and forecasts giving you a strong competitive edge.

  • Demonstrate your airline growth and business changes, like new subsidiaries, growing fleet size or developing network
  • Define your planning parameters from a single cost element up to aggregated levels, including cost groups, stations, regions or even specific suppliers
  • Perform pro-active sensitivity analysis and simulations
  • Improve your risk management for currency exchange rate or fuel price fluctuations
  • Examine forward calculations for fuel, cash or currency exposure
  • Significantly speed up your budget process

Route Profitability

How profitable is your airline or even each individual route? A key question of course.

By managing all direct operating cost (DOC) coupled with fixed costs and overheads Airpas uses pre-defined key performance indicators (KPI) to evaluate the profitability of your airline across several criteria delivering superior reliability in your strategic decision making.

  • 360 degree functionality to compile and calculate with simulations to assess your total flight performance
  • Build routings based on key criteria, identified by your operational needs
  • Complete analysis per route, leg, airport, country, aircraft or other units

Additional Features

SIS Compliance for DOC invoices

Maximizing transmission of electronic invoices from airline DOC suppliers via the IATA SIS platform, allows for:

  • Processing invoices in IATA XML format
  • Seamless, automated invoice verification

Supplier Interfaces

Interfaces with suppliers streamline invoice verification processes significantly, reducing human resources requirements and increasing process velocity. Benefit from:

  • 100+ interfaces for electronic invoices in use
  • Seamless, automated invoice verification
  • Processing different electronic formats such as EDIFACT, IATA Invoice XML and IATA IS XML
  • Reduced transmission costs, less paper distribution and electronic archiving

Scanning, OCR, Workflow Management

Digitalization and automation in the area of your accounts payable invoices is important and Airpas recognizes that by integrating with Scanning and Workflow solutions.

  • Integrate with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions and Workflow Management Systems
  • Servicing you with a solution designed to your needs as a one-stop-shop
  • Line item details from a DOC invoice image of a paper invoice can be converted into a fully electronic (structured, machine readable) invoice ready to be automatically checked by Airpas

Additional Applications

Ad-hoc Calculations

Going to market with new routes and need to establish go / no-go decisions? With FAST (Flight Assessment Sales Tool) you have the right tool for comprehensive calculations finding the optimum cost-revenue mix.

  • Make the difference between profit or loss, especially on routes with paper-thin margins
  • Minimize costs and maximize capacity, payloads and revenues
  • Determine the ideal balance of resources and pricing
  • Achieve full cost visibility to protect margins and win valuable contracts


If your airline is required to submit EU ETS reports, eMission prepares, checks and submits the necessary legal reports for “Tonne Kilometre” and “Annual Emissions”.

  • Capture all relevant data
  • Ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Prepare reports at the push of a button
  • Keep an eye on allowances exposure
  • Assessed by German auditor TÜVNord for its full EU ETS compliance
  • Extended 2019 to be fully CORSIA compliant

Flight Data Capture

On top of standard operational costs, additional services such as de-icing, GPU, wheel chair service, last minute catering items are challenging subjects for cost control. This is where Flight Data Capture (FDC) comes into play.

  • Provide your remote users with an easy-to-use web application
  • Track and load all occasional or unpredictable handling services immediately
  • Capture last minute changes in catering upload