The Airpas Academy

Once more Airpas Aviation shows readiness to innovate by widening the range of its services offered to both its existing and new customers. The idea for an Airpas Academy – online and onsite campus – has emerged over time as the airpas application has gained acceptance across the international airline industry. Now it is up to you to accelerate your adoption of airpas and leverage the experience and knowledge of our experts!

The Airpas Academy

It has become obvious that a structured training syllabus within a new setting called Airpas Academy will be of great benefit to prospects, new customers as well as to our existing customer base. Trainings are graded in basic, advanced, expert and purely application related, as part of an implementation process of the software with a client. Beyond that, the client could choose to gain an insight into more thematic topics of the product, in an informative, hands-on approach.

We offer:

  • Expert Instruction: learn airpas from the same team involved in airpas product development
  • Flexible Learning Options: participate in online from anywhere or classroom courses with company or industry peers
  • From a more generic view point, the Airpas Academy will offer a wide spread of trainings, ranging from very specific airpas oriented topics to more industry related areas, i.e. Business Intelligence, Route Profitability and such.

With the Airpas Academy we can help you create a comprehensive training plan, manage your talent and empower your users. This way we give you and your workforce the knowledge and skills to meet your goals with airpas!

Interested in our training schedule? Please contact us.

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