Royal Air Maroc goes live with airpas

As part of cost rationalization and the development of management tools and performance, Royal Air Maroc acquired airpas, an integrated and scalable solution for managing and monitoring the costs and benefits of flight operations.

Royal Air Maroc goes live with airpas

The teams of IT, Audit and Management Organizations worked closely together to successfully achieve the first phase implementation of airpas - which covers 80% of the companies flight volume - in a timely manner by mid November 2010.

Major achievements with the new solution are:

  • Exact monitoring of the most important airports that produce more than 50% of the companies costs
  • High precision paper and electronic invoice checking
  • Real time cost control to optimize cash flow

By December 2010 the system is generally used for all stations. In a second step, Royal Air Maroc has introduced the module of crew/hotac and the revenue and route profitability functionalities in 2012.

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