Presenting at the 4th IATA SIS e-invoicing Mobilization Workshop

On 27 and 28 May 2015, Airpas will attend the 4th IATA SIS e-invoicing Mobilization Workshop in Geneva.

Presenting at the 4th IATA SIS e-invoicing Mobilization Workshop

As one of the main industry drivers of the initiative alongside with being IATA Strategic Partner, we strive to encourage Direct Operating Cost suppliers for airlines to join and to contribute to the workshop.

The aim of the initiative is to expand electronic usage and industry standards of electronic invoicing (IS-XML) to all airlines’ Direct Operating Cost suppliers including: Airports, Ground Handlers, Ground Service Providers, ANSP, and MROs. It addresses the need for standardization of e-invoicing formats and aims at improving cost control processes. In this way enhancing cross-departmental transparency and decision making towards overall profitability.

Airpas will be presenting about the challenges a DOC-management system is tackling: thousands of airplanes operating millions of flights, thus triggering thousands of suppliers to generate DOC invoices worth billions of dollars…invoices in any possible format known, from pencil and paper all the way to e-invoicing. How does it integrate with the IATA SIS-platform and what added value could be extracted, both for operators and suppliers from joining the platform?

Find out more and meet Susanne and Karim in Geneva.

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