“Maximizing efficiencies” Airpas and Flight Plan Manager by Sabre featured in Aircraft Commerce magazine

March 2018 - Aircraft Commerce is a unique bi-monthly publication which scrutinizes commercial aircraft and engines from an operating performance and economic point of view. In its latest issue Dec 2017/Jan 2018, it featured Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager and AirVision Airpas on “Maximizing efficiencies”, highlighting the importance of operational cost considerations for airlines.

As a tool to plan and dispatch flights, FPM is designed to automatically balance the cost of fuel, maintenance and crew costs for every minute airborne, and even costs of delayed arrivals. Which factor – fuel or time – receives priority varies from airline to airline.
In the article we discuss how route and speed selections made in FPM affect not only the total cost of the given flight, but can have implications for the rest of the airline’s schedule. As such, FPM is a key piece to understanding and controlling an airline’s operational costs.

Airpas cost management and route profitability solution integrates operational and contractual data to give access to accurate cost data following a flight. Thus leading to increased transparency, reduced threat of overspending, automated invoice checking, speedy month-end closure and accelerated route-profitability response times.
In the article we outline how airlines drive initiatives that focus on establishing what they call ‘a high performance finance organization’. As such, CFOs, finance directors and heads of controlling see a benefit in expanding the role of finance departments to bring added value to an airline process with Airpas providing all the tools to facilitate this change.

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