Cooperation with ISO Software Systeme

Since May2015, Airpas Aviation has been engaged in a cooperation with ISO Software Systeme from Nurnberg, Germany.

Cooperation with ISO Software Systeme

The companies provide airlines with a fully electronic billing process for their suppliers – by combining their products airpas and SKYfly Supplier Portal, they meet the aviation industry’s demand!

Two products from the ISO portfolio in combination with airpas offer tremendous benefits for all Airpas customers, enabling the airlines’ supplier to invoice airlines electronically via a Web portal:

  • SKYport is a worldwide operating airport and ground handler system, which enables suppliers to electronically provide invoices in IATA standard formats to airpas. All airports and ground handlers using the ISO SKYport software would therefore be able to provide standardized e-invoices.
  • In addition, the SKYfly/M-billing is a fully compliant and certified product with the IATA SIS platform processes.

One example for this are crew hotels, which can now provide airlines with invoices online – no more paper, no more media disruption.

While the IATA SIS platform e-invoicing Mobilization aims at linking together airlines and major global suppliers, Airpas’ cooperation with ISO Software Systeme extends the benefits of e-invoicing to suppliers of all sizes. A further advantage for all Airpas customers: together, the products generate invoices compliant with IATA Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) in the format XML-IS.

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