Airpas celebrates company's first senior citizen

April 2016 – As Maria Kremers career comes to an end, we know that her influence carries on.

Reinhold Renger congratulates senior citizen Maria

Countless lives have been influenced through the knowledge she has imparted. We know that many of our customers join us in wishing her a wonderful retirement.

Her IT-career started back in 1984 when she decided to change from agricultural engineer into Data processing. Only one year before the IBM Personal Computer XT was introduced which advanced the IT-world enormously.

Maria started her career by supporting the Hapag Lloyd team during the implementation of route profitability analysis. It was there she learned from the bottom up the complex application area of our system.

On January 1st, 2007 Maria joined the airpas team as one of the first employees. Throughout the years she introduced many new colleagues to the airpas world and trained newcomers in SQL. She was a successful sparring partner for special issues and an esteemed contact person for many of our customers.

We remember her as a bastion of calm and value her friendly, open and helpful personality and wish Maria all the best for her retirement.

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