Building bridges 2019 - a day dedicated to art

June 2019 - "Is it art or is it junk?", Airpas employees spent this year's "Building Bridges" community project with the Outsider Artists of the Lebenshilfe Art Galery Geyso 20.

With our participation in the 13th Brunswick Day of Action “Building Bridges” Airpas employees swapped their desk for a day helping in a community project, enjoying a day packed with experience and fun. This year we have chosen to spend the day with the Outsider Artists of the Lebenshilfe Art Galery Geyso 20.

"Is that art or can it go away? / Is it art or is it junk?" - Of course, this question did not come up when we visited the Atelier Geyso 20. After a short introductory round, we were introduced to the Outsider art work and styles of the resident artists and painters. Emotions reflected on our facial expressions, fascination and amazement could be read clearly, as touching, funny stories and different walks of live were shared.

Next we visited the current exhibition “Groups” at the Kunstverein Braunschweig, Different international artist groups show their skills, performances and installations in different ways - sometimes colorful, sometimes bizarre and sometimes not so easy to understand. But as a Geyser summed it up so well: "Yeah, that's art, too. You got to be surprised. "
To finish of the day we enjoyed a great and relaxed lunch in the garden of the Café Flora. Here, too, the employees of the Lebenshilfe café were able to impress.

"It's remarkable how multifaceted and diverse the Lebenshilfe is. Every year, we are amazed", says Susanne Kühn of Airpas summing up this day of action. Creating encounters, gaining insights into the lives of "the others" and exchanging views - that's why “Building Bridges” is so important.

The Lebenshilfe Braunschweig, established in 1960, is a non-profit organization offering services to over 1300 disabled people in about 30 locations in and around Brunswick. The Lebenshilfe has become Brunswick’s largest organization of this type with the prime goal of achieving autonomy and social integration for disabled people of all ages, with any type of disability.
The aim is to form alliances between the worlds of private business and social work. All those involved have the opportunity to experience social engagement in practice.

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