An ERASMUS student in Braunschweig

Let me start by introducing myself: I am Damla, a 22 year old, full time student at Anadolu University, Turkey. My department is Aviation Management. I am from Turkey.

An ERASMUS student in Braunschweig

Last summer, I did a three months internship at Corendon Airlines, in Antalya. That was an amazing work experience which provided me with an excellent background and I had the good fortune to meet great people.

It was during this time that my mentor at Corendon suggested that I apply for an internship at Airpas Aviation. Consequently, I did some research and found the company and product very interesting. I realized that airpas is doing a significant job and has an important position in the international airline industry.

Once I passed the Erasmus exam and decided to do an Erasmus internship, my mentor helped me to get in touch with Airpas and together we planned and clearly defined my internship in Germany.

Now I have been in Braunschweig for five weeks. This is my first experience abroad so it was not easy to get used to a new place but when I met the Airpas team who are very friendly and supportive, I felt comfortable and at ease working with them. I get to know and understand airpas more each day. The Airline industry has many complex processes and is not a simple system. Airpas helps to manage these processes in one single and integrated solution.

The daily invoice checking routine of DOC invoices sent by suppliers, which is one of the main functions of the Airpas system, made me aware of the great quantity of data an airline has to cope with every day. airpas is an extremely efficient tool designed to manage direct operating costs (DOC) of airlines, no matter which business model they follow. One of the most important benefits is that invoice verification using airpas increases actual profit. Therefore, at Corendon Airlines, we wanted to focus on the invoice variances highlighted by airpas. Once the reasons for variances had been determined, it became easy to eliminate them. Thus, airpas reliably prevents overspending and significantly increases process efficiency.

Last but not least, in my view, Airpas is in a good position to compete with others within the Airline industry. I am so pleased to have joined Airpas Aviation and to have met the Airpas team. I believe that this internship will be a unique experience.

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