Airpas presents IATA Matchmaker tool in Abu Dhabi

What a great event IATA managed to put together in Abu Dhabi!

Airpas presents IATA Matchmaker tool in Abu Dhabi

While most of the suppliers attending were on the revenue accounting side, Airpas Aviation did attract much of the attention from the cost management perspective. Our team of five did an amazing job in promoting Airpas’ long standing experience and expertise in the fields of supplier contract & rate management, invoice verification & accruals generation, financial planning & reporting and route profitability.

Our current strategic involvement with IATA was acknowledged on more than one occasion, during plenary sessions in front of 180 + airline delegates and representatives, as well as in one-on-one meetings.

As an active fellow partner and driver of the IATA e-mobilization initiative, Airpas Aviation - represented by Patrick Fitz, Consultant Products & IT Services - took the opportunity to present the IATA Matchmaker tool within the framework of the IATA Financial Exchange platform and the e-mobilization initiative. This user-friendly tool has been developed by IATA to support effective and efficient communication and migration processes between airlines and suppliers, and thus helps to increase the number of electronic invoices in the aviation industry on a global scale. Airlines participating in IATA Financial Exchange for the purpose of receiving IS-XML invoices (bilateral clearing without usage of IATA Clearing House) can use the Matchmaker for free.

If you were in attendance at the WFS, we would be delighted to learn about your experience!

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