Future Day 2019

Airpas girls & boys day 2019

April 2019 - "Much better than going to school", kids stated after their "girls & boys day 2019" at Airpas Aviation.

Each year towards April German school kids get the chance to participate in the “Zukunftstag” (girls & boys day) spending the day in a company or business they are interested in.

This year, Airpas Aviation welcomed six boys and three girls, to look behind the scenes of “the home of the most efficient airline cost management and route profitability solution”.

After a warm welcome, the office tour and a general introduction to the core features and functionalities of the software solution the kids were familiarized with tec life:
- introduction to software development including how to become a software developer and what it means to be one,
- sneak-preview of the deployment process and the setup of new Airpas customer environment,
- participation in daily standup meeting and in the estimation poker, gaining insight into agile software development.

“Much better than going to school”, they stated in unison at the closing Pizza Lunch.

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