Airpas fully IATA SIS-compliant

Airpas has been engaged in a one-month multilateral trial involving Emirates, London Heathrow Airport and IATA. LHR direct operating cost e-invoices for Emirates, routed via the SIS-platform and formatted in IS-XML, are now being successfully imported into the airpas system for invoice verification and reconciliation purposes.

IATA sought evidence that the use of the SIS platform would be extendable to miscellaneous airline DOC suppliers. Emirates had to determine that EDI’s seamless invoice verification and reconciliation process would be supported and secured through the SIS-platform media. As a supplier, Heathrow had to gauge the value of using the SIS platform to help access more airlines and of promoting compliance with the IS-XML e-invoicing format across the industry.

Emirates aim to continue development with a target of getting fully automated no-intervention-required invoice processing by the end of the year.

Mike Gormally, BAA PM, stated that it is great to see the potential of SIS being exploited to the full as Emirates have done in this exercise.

During the 4th IATA SIS e-Invoicing Awareness workshop this May, Bruno Roussel, IATA e-Invoicing Standards Manager, had already acknowledged Airpas’ role in being key to the initiative’s success. "Experience has shown that cost management solutions such as airpas together with its IS-XML compliance, have become critical to airlines’ invoice validation and reconciliation processes”, Bruno said.

As for Karim Freund, Account Manager at Airpas Aviation, he stated that all parties to the trial have demonstrated a tremendous drive in making this pilot a success.

As a result of its strong commitment to the IATA SIS e-Invoicing initiative and the successful outcome of the trial, Airpas is proud to announce that it is now fully SIS-compliant.

With more than 12 years of EDI expertise in the market, Airpas is actively engaged in the initiative, thus providing all of its customers with an effective end-to-end e-Invoicing process linking airlines and DOC-suppliers. In addition, Airpas is promoting IS-XML for the purpose of securing a high quality e-invoicing standard.

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