About Airpas


Airpas Aviation is an aviation industry leader.

Helping you to improve profitability, better manage direct operating costs, and add value to your operations by providing leading-edge software solutions and consulting services. Our route profitability and cost management software solutions are designed exclusively for the needs and demands of the aviation industry.

We are best known for our cornerstone Airpas solution with its centralized collection, storage, and integration of flight operation data and contract details; precise forecasting of costs using the centralized data; integration of the key business areas for comprehensive planning and reporting; and increased efficiency through streamlining of processes and automated invoice checking. These are just some of the strengths that will support you and your team in improved operations and confidence in data management toward DOC management, successful planning and decision making.

Our well-versed and dedicated team of industry professionals is committed to delivering the highest standard of service in supporting our leading edge software solutions. The Airpas Aviation team of developers, programmers, and project managers are always available to provide expert support and guidance to our clients.

Airpas Aviation GmbH is a member of the Sabre Group.

David Jaqua VP & Managing Director for Airpas Aviation GmbH & PRISM Group Inc.

David Jaqua is with Sabre Travel Solutions as Vice President & Managing Director for Airpas Aviation GmbH and PRISM Group, Inc. He has been associated with Sabre for the past 26 years and has been involved in software design, customer service, implementation and training, consulting and Data Center management. David has spent his entire professional career in the travel industry. Prior to joining Sabre, he worked in both travel agency operations and airline sales.

Prior to adding Airpas to his responsibilities, David was part of the founding management for PRISM Group which provides travel management and data consolidation services for large companies and global airlines. The company’s projects have included leading the first global supplier consolidations including agency and card selection, airline negotiations, and global information management. PRISM’s Sales Information System is used by over 40 of the world’s leading airlines and alliances for managing contracted relationships with their customers.  

David received his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from the University of New Mexico (USA).

Dr. Susanne Bellin Manager Airpas Account Management

Susanne has spent the best part of her career at the forefront of public relations and marketing. Her first experience in the IT field was in the automotive industry as Product Manager in interface design for mobile devices. From there she put her advanced interpersonal skills to work and spent the next 5 years honing her professional sales skills in the rapidly expanding Aviation IT industry. In 2003 Susanne joined LINEAS GmbH as a Key Account Manager for the Aviation Division. This set the stage for her progression into the current position where she works the front lines of Customer Relations and Marketing. Susanne has been an essential part of the Airpas Aviation Management Team as they have grown into one of the leading airline IT solution providers in the world.

In her position she also steers the company’s efforts in staff development and training where she helps to fill the needs of our highly capable staff and ensure they are given the opportunity and tools for professional development to guarantee the highest quality of service to our clients.

René Koark Product Manager

René joined Airpas in late 2007. In his main role as Senior Delivery Manager through deep application and process knowledge, committed collaboration and strong communication skills he successfully managed numerous Airpas implementation projects together with our customers worldwide. Throughout his 10 year career in Airpas he also significantly contributed to other areas - Sales, Account Management, Care, Consulting and Quality Management.

René has a profound understanding of the industry’s needs and demands. His creative thinking, laser focus on customers and thought leadership are the foundation to achieve our mission: to continuously help delivering solutions for challenges airlines face in their demanding and competitive market place. Quality software products, quality service and excellent results are the foundation for the road to success. As Product Manager he is responsible to develop the “Airpas Solution Family” together with our clients and the Airpas team to further increase product maturity, market attractiveness and strengthen our position as the market leader of cost management and route profitability software solutions.

Sigurd Meyer-Hess Head of Delivery & Care

Sigurd joined Airpas in 2016 as a detail-oriented and financially astute Project Manager, responsible for implementing Airpas at a global cargo carrier. He has a profound understanding of the industry’s needs and demands through his many years of experience. Prior to joining Airpas he was among other things Head of Delivery at GlobeFuel, a BP/SHELL Joint Venture for 13 years, successfully developing, selling and implementing a bespoke standard software for Intoplane Fuelmanagement at 450 airports worldwide. He also held leadership positions at CTS Eventim, Germany’s leading ticketing portal as IT manager and Head of a consultant group at ATOS/Origin where he contributed to Datawarehouse and Y2K projects.

Sigurd is a consummate professional with exemplary knowledge of his profession and the skills that are required to be a high-performing leader. He clearly understands the key role that an achieving delivery team plays in the success of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Immo Zech Senior Manager Software Engineering

Immo Zech is Senior Manager Software Engineering at Airpas Aviation. Immo has been an integral part of the team with extensive experience at the development desk as well as face to face with clients and key industry members which has played a major role in making the company, its products and services the success it is today.

His expertise is broad and during his 20 years in the airline software industry he has been on the front line of finance management software development, project and team management, and product management. Immo’s expertise was first applied in the airline industry in 1997 in design and development with Hapag Lloyd Flug where he designed and developed an invoice checking tool specifically designed for the airline industry. In his portfolio of expertise built over the years, he brings valuable cross-industry software development experience including the medical/healthcare, automotive, aviation and finance industries.

Involved in the initial design and development of the Airpas system in 2000, Immo has been leading the growing team of technical experts at Airpas Aviation in ensuring our clients have the cutting edge software solutions demanded in the airline industry.