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airpas answers on how to

Optimize budgeting & planning processes?

Utilize Airpas accurate and comprehensive management of operational and cost data for different scenarios.

Achieve real-time route profitability?

Airpas provides a clear view on how your routes are performing. Get the big picture then drill down to analyze each flight for past and future operations.

Handle the high complexity of DOC contracts?

Airpas precisely structures all details, conditions and tariff variations, allowing complete transparency of each individual cost item.

Make invoice verification more efficient & accurate?

We automatically calculate your exact flight operation against your agreed contract conditions. This improves quality, reduces time, avoids overspending and enhances the efficiency of your invoice processes.

Manage the high complexity and integration of my existing systems?

We have interfaced successfully with over 55 inbound and outbound systems providing a seamless workflow for all your data.

Make even better business decisions?

We provide instant, accurate and comprehensive information, analyzed to your exact requirements and scenarios, delivered by numbers or graphs.

Volaris selects Airpas for cost management

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A story of success.

A continuing growing community of global customers.

Airpas has revolutionized how we control direct costs within Ryanair. It has streamlined the capture of costs and has generated significant cost savings using its automated invoice matching process. With Airpas, Ryanair now has greater visibility of its route profitability. It is our primary budgeting tool. Airpas has become a critical business system for Ryanair.

Emirates utilizes every functionality critical for its business and even added two more customized cost groups.

To achieve best results it is absolutely necessary to keep processes simple, reliable and efficient. That's what Airpas stands for.

For our flexible and agile operating style we needed a solution which would give us excellent pre- and post flight management information on a structural but also on an immediate ad-hoc basis.

Airpas improves the data quality for cost controlling & saves time to elaborate reporting for the management.

The performance and credibility of airpas is measurable.


flights per
year processed

billion $

DOCs calculated
per year


interfaces connecting to your
existing and new systems


faster to get your
budgets done

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Airpas has revolutionized the way our customers manage the complexity of their daily processes for contracting, invoice checking, accounting, budgeting, forecasting & BI reporting.

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